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Grand Design Award Winning Tahoe Dream Home

Browse through my recent work on this gorgeous Tahoe retreat. This project took a year to complete from discovery, scope, working with the architects for exterior design, selecting exterior finishes, interior design, selecting interior finishes and all the way to completion. I’m happy I had the opportunity to pour my heart, soul and passions into creating this work of art for my clients who deserve their dream home!

Check out the feature on Tahoe Quarterly’s recent press release about our project. I’m beyond thankful to bring Jack and Sheri Wood’s vision to life so they can enjoy their dream mountain home for years to come with family, friends and all the blessings of life.

I am honored to partner with a talented team to intentionally create a modern, timeless and purpose-driven design that takes advantage of the open space and natural elements of the mountains. Together we won the Grand Design Award and I looking forward to many more projects to come with Kelly & Stone Architects, NSM Construction and the Clear Creek Tahoe Community.

Tech alumni collaborate to design award- winning home

Interior design alumna, Lindsay Carlile, won the Tahoe Quarterly’s Grand Design Award working alongside architect alumnus Keith Kelly. Their home design was chosen among hundreds of homes entered to the competition for its interior design, architecture and build.

The Nevada home was designed for Jack Wood who is also a Tech alumnus. This is the third house Carlile has designed for the Wood family, but Carlile said she originally declined the project due to it being so far from Lubbock.
“It’s about 45 minutes from Reno so there were a lot of layovers, a lot of missed flights and a lot of missed family time,” Carlile said. “When I first took this on, I knew it was going to be a big job and a once and a lifetime opportunity for me.”

The opportunity to connect and work with fellow Tech graduates made this project turn out the way it did, Carlile said.
Before Carlile had accepted the project, the architecture firm had already begun making interior design choices, and Carlile said she knew that her clients would not be happy with the work that had been done and wanted to make the home as close to the Wood family’s vision as possible.

Carlile spent two years working on the Tahoe home, but in total the project took four years. Having worked with the Wood family for several years in several homes, Carlile said she got to really know her clients and what they look for in a design.

“You have to get to know your clients and how they live,” Carlile said. “I don’t create a space because I like it, my job is to make it what they want not what I would want.”
In addition to distance, Carlile said one of the biggest challenges in the project was miscommunication. She said she is a very hands-on designer, and the California and Nevada contractors were not very used to seeing that from an interior designer.


It was her interior design education and 15 years of experience that set her apart from local designers in the area. Despite the challenges and miscommunications throughout the process, Carlile said that in the end, it was all worth it because the home turned out great.

“In the very end of the process, the builder complimented me,” Carlile said. “He said it was so different working with someone who is educated about construction and electrical and all that kind of stuff instead of coming in and just pointing and asking them to figure it out.”

Tahoe homes generally look very rustic and often have very natural elements to it. Carlile said she wanted to use this rustic style but give it some modern features. In total, the project cost over 10 million dollars.

Carlile said the Tahoe Grand Design Award is considered very prestigious in the home design community and it is an honor to even be nominated, let alone win first place. This is the first professional award Carlile has won, and she attributes a lot of the success to the builders and the architect.

“To even be nominated or published for this is an honor. It’s a really big deal, and I can say I am an award-winning designer now,” Carlile said. “They don’t do those kinds of awards locally.” Although the award-winning home is aesthetically designed, Wood said it was never their intention to create a masterpiece. Ultimately, the purpose of the home was to entertain family and friends.

Wood said living in an award-winning home is not something he thinks about regularly, he believes it is mostly an accomplishment for the professionals involved.
As a businessman, he said he knows how to pull capable professionals together to create a great product, which is the strategy he used in having his home designed.

“There wasn’t a huge idea of creating anything historic or marvelous or something that would stand the test of time, but I think that’s exactly what we did,” Wood said.



Interior Design Alumna Awarded Tahoe Quarterly’s Grand Design Award

Lindsay Carlile’s interior design work on West Texas couple’s dream home wins grand design

2020 Interior Design alumna Lindsay Carlile was recently awarded the Tahoe Quarterly's Grand Design Award alongside Kelly & Stone Architects and NSM Construction for their work on what's being called a picturesque dream home in the Tahoe, California area.

Carlile owns and operates Lindsay Carlile Designs and is National Council for Interior Design Qualification and Texas Board of Architectural Examiners certified.

Her work as an interior designer introduced her to the West Texas couple who hired her to complete the Tahoe project.

"After completing two other homes for them, we built a great relationship and trust," Carlile said.

The project itself took a year to complete from discovery to scope to working with the architects to choose exterior finishes, interior design, and selecting interior finishes all the way to completion. After its completion, the home's builder entered the Lake Tahoe Quarterly competition – with the home being one of 200 entered in the contest.

After being considered by a board of 10 professionals in the field of design, architecture, and construction, the home was awarded the Grand Design prize, which is a combination of best interior design, best architecture, and best builder.

"I was honored and surprised to receive the award," Carlile said. "The house really stood out as the most unique design from any of the other homes submitted. It's the award to win!"

Thinking back to her time at Texas Tech, Carlile said she chose the Interior Design program at Texas Tech because of its accreditation. She also liked the wide variety of classes offered by the program including drawing, AutoCAD, construction, architecture, landscape architecture, and photography – all of which she says help her in each of her projects, whether they be commercial or residential.

"My degree gave me the advantage in commercial projects," Carlile said. "The knowledge of ADA, codes, commercial materials, and more definitely helped me in standing out over other interior designers that didn't have the same education."

For students pursuing a career in interior design, Carlile said it's essential to have the ability and passion for creating and designing. While natural talent for envisioning and creating unique spaces is important, it's also imperative to stand out from the crowd by having the education and knowledge that comes with interior design knowledge and education.

"With that degree and being accredited by the National Council for Interior Design Qualification (NCID), you will be a cut above the rest," Carlile said. "You will be an actual interior designer, not a decorator. There's a difference. With that education and background, mixed in with a little talent, you will be able to meet any challenge you face. The ability to do any style for any client is what makes a great interior designer."

You can read more about the Grand Design Award and the Tahoe home in the Tahoe Quarterly.